some though


1.57 am while i'm not able to get myself sleep. just some thought that might look like im just loser whenever actually im trying to be cool all the time. just saying that im cool enough because lately i don't share what my feeling feel. i dun really care enough as i'm more to improve myself to be human being. yes i'm serious abt tht. not kind of human being that being good to people. but human being that being good to creature and follow all the good path for my sake. being good to around even i know it was so hard to archieve. still i have intentions  in improving it. isn't? How pathetic i am when i looking back myself a year before. craving for some love from people. thirst of attention. Alhamdulillah Allah still give me a chance. Tq Allah for still give me chance for improvising my life. 

i really enjoy my life right now. follow the path that have being given. what nice it is when i put all my life to creature. The more keep strungle the more i feel so bad abt myself. the more i feel so insecure. the more i'm scared how life im gonna throught. the more i scared abt all the things. just nonsense bumbling before i going sleep. and the mood come around when its been long time im not updating my blog. sorry my really really bad english. i don't know when its comes to mood serious i cannot bumbling in english. its just pop up in my mind. and also seriously i don't which word i need to put 's' 'ed' hahaha grammar.its become worse when my i writing just follow my mind. i don't if my english can be understood or not. hha

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