2014 new year

oh its been a while since i do not update this blog . so busy . Alhamdulilah just perfectly done my pratical . And sure my tough month for this first month of year because there was a lot of things to dp .report .settle down my degree .syukur i will continue my studies where is in the same place . Btw happy new year . i am so grateful im still here alive breath in fresh clean air .thanks Allah showing me this mercy . thanks also my family and friends who make this world better to me . im alone without them . 

So for this new year . I don't have any plan . But still my target to pass my degree with flying color .i mean maybe target for dean list .at least once . in sha Allah .Also i wish i could be a better muslim . Hmm . and i need to change . i need rest for a while . i need ..

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