Celebration convocation

12:50 AM


Rasa macam after ni i must have a time to update cause entah sometimes kenangan2 tak selalu bersama
Dan tak semestinya sentiasa ada
And when you missed that so much. flashback by just read this blog.

So today thanks guys. i have a lot of fun. my degree partner and ex diploma dulu.
And i know when next two years. i surely will flashback read this and laugh a lot.
Even tak ramai join, still lah story gempak2 pecah perut.

epic pic of today. hahaha. kaki! 

just dinner celebrate our convocation day and sekali jela ade budak dean list. haha.

so thanks guys aizat, mia, paan, azri and izi. those tak dpt join still goodluck korang!

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