Convocation day!

10:17 AM


Syukur im officially graduated as Diploma in Multimedia after 3 years. a lot of experience. How i through my life. and somehow i facing a lot of challenges. Tak masuk lagi part sakit sakit. and part you know the life really teach you. all the things i believe of hikmah. still syukur. even im not pass really flying color. still i was able to finish my studies on time. still im the grateful person on this opportunity i have. to my parents that spend a lot of money and support me from beginning my journey as student. but still ilmu kene cari sampai ajal menjemput. i still have to learn more and more. to my friends that always beside me. thanks. really tq for always can stand still with me. to a friend who is no longer with me now, I am still grateful for all the help and ever being a part of life and enrich my day. thanks. dim crew is still in my heart. batch 2010-2013. thanks for giving me this really precious experience and the moment we share together ☺️

The half of family DIM CREW 2010-2013. 

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