done presentation


im done prsentation .alhamdulillah .
even tak semegah mane and a lot of kritikan kritikan syahdu .
Finally able to finish up .
Redha is the best after im try all my best .
Wakeup at this hour
2 days no proper sleep i tell u
Actually the reason why i update . rasa banyak rasa .banyak mende .
everyday i keep strong ,i try to being best even im not
Yes my mulut always la like puaka
mengumpat menganjing is my passion
but i don't know how bad i'm am
even though i know someting fishy
Ya someone fitnah me the true story that she already now
And i think i dh mintak maaf about that ,but i don't know why she doing this to me
Or im the one who have a problem ?
But still i can accept even that too much .
Cause i know nobody perfect ,me also
Im also manusia biasa ,always do mistake .
People always said discuss is the way .or else you pengecut
tak ckp depan depan but seem i know everyone ,they too
They will analyze the wrong way what i try to talk about
Actually seriously i want to text her , to ask directly .
but i know it will just create others problem next time
Then i should quiet and muhasabah diri
Because i know how bad my mulut
Dear friend please look around you .Seriously fitnah tu Allah nak tunjuk because im really don't know until i get that message .My god
Penghasut ? sometimes they don't what i throught out .
Me also don't know what they throught out
So i will not judge .Im in my way and they too
Seem they know me ,im sure my badness they will know
But inside me ?I do not blame anyone in this kind of situation
So please stop talking bad .thats too much
Me also is try to not talking about others but its take time
Im only Manusia Biasa .how much im trying .my mulut still akan berbunyi
But i know my niat .Its not good things to see others in bad situation
Im not the one who live in life to see others misery
its too much if i said , tak guna if nak beritahu kebaikan diri sendiri .
look at yourself .mybe my fault .and mybe i don't know what that you heard
Its not time for me to rewind again old story
Its just menambahkan dosa .so much of dosa .
so i stop .
Lastly before heard any story or what else .think deeply
Im not say im good .but im sure Allah know me well
Whats goes around comes around
Then i just hoping for myself , to be better human being as i know im not a good person

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