Herbalife life

3:27 PM


Lama menyepi .menghilang 
Mencari ketenangan diri
Alhamdulillah hampir sebulan berada di kuantan
And i am more positive than before
Maybe because our surrounding
I am here with positive people and positive life
Syukur Alhamdulillah .Segala kebaikan ini datangnya dari Allah

Guess what ?i have join hebalife and i feel great about this product
Before ni dah penah try but because of lake ilmu .Im not taking it
Im still in learning in herbalife world but they are always get positive mind
Because of still new .Please pray for me
For my best of my health .Im not taking this only for kurus
Its bonus if i could lose my weight but ita not imposible right ?
The good nutrision in our body will help me to have a good healthy body
Will update soon my progress .Something i wanna share in my blog start today
Maybe will help me to semangat 
So far two weeks i enjoy with herbalife team that so positive
Im in love .Tak jemu pergi hari hai untuk ilmu
And guess what again ?i have being supervisor .That was so great within 2 weeks
Yea semua orang sampai berbulan bulan nak naik supervisor
But im do just two weeks .thanks to my coach for support me everyday
Thanks abg pedas for get me so excited to join
Hahaha macam haram last sekali .

Last but not least .Insyallah after raya i will get my new life with herbalife
Just pray for my best
Insyallah i will prove to my supporters ,friends and family
Next is the mission when i have to take reponsible for myself and family
Chaiyok chaiyok dakbie .
This is all rezeki from Allah

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