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When i am alone, various assumptions mind I would think. Is this all a game feeling? How much longer do I want to be like this? Feel sick when thinking about it. I'm tired of not releasing anything goes. Worse this have an impact on other .Yet now i still thinking ...

All this there is wisdom, but how long I want to wait to see this truth? I do not want to continue on the wrong path or I do not want my way right this makes me left out .Honestly I miss everything but I'm still thankful for life now. rise and fall I will insyaAllah I faced this all

I never felt I was this perfect and good in all aspects but I'm still trying to find fault with me. More I find, the more I will retreat.I worry that I could not last long and  finally i just go on with my life. I'm also thankful for all of this. around support that strengthens my life. Which can give my life for me and still be myself when the mind does not run away from think of these things .

To get away from all this, it was not me, and I still think of many people.
On the experience I went through. Losing is not an easy for me. Fact makes me more and more day to ask. And I do not want to go through what I'm going to be felt by others.

Gonna watch running man ,its better than thought of nonsense things .
Kbye .Until we met again .Insyallah .

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