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138 steps ..Step by step i just count from deep in my heart which has it own purpose .
There are things that can not be described with words
someone once told me that he had been counting his steps when someone he love called him short. really funny when thought but guess what ? its hurt me when you get pain but all of this have been passed .

A while ago i just meet my old friend ..surprised ? yes i am .
Wondering what's going on with his life .
Wondering level came to bring me to keep up a blog update .
How wondering i am right ? Pathetic giler .Admit it .
Seriously i'm shocked for the even first time he change .
But i will always sedapkan hati whenever its just come in my mind
"People will certainly change dakb ,so please don't be selfish .Friend definetly not yours forever ,so let it go with his own life .All of this have hikmah and he will doing good without you "
This word i always keep it in my mind even thought honestly i don't want 
Still until now my answer is "NO" but thanks all the hikmah when you turn like this automatically i have to accept .Believe of hikmah .Mudah mudahan there are way you to be more matured and successful person .Keep praying for you even thought i look like i don't care .
No more stories ,no more talk .No more lepaking like before .

I try low my ego when i'm try to text and to call even i know its never being pick up or reply .
Pathetic giler hidup when i look like desperate when i do this things 
Seriously loser .I'm not the one who act like this before but this is KARMA .
hahaha .But times move faster ,and i keep moving every single of my life .
Its always new story everyday even memories not easily forgotten
But how dare you eh ? Hilang tak ajak aku .Asal tak bunuh dulu ingatan aku ni ha before nak hilang ?

There are too lot of stories that we shared before you changed .Hilang kau ,hilang mr ,cool .
Dah tak dengar pasal .Hem .Dah tak snap pic kat bb nak send pic kat kau .Dah tak topup bis .
All the things i just keep it on myself until there are someone that can hear any merapu story .
Pisau lipat .Pasal future .Anything we talk .Nobody that i can keep bumbling .Rindu nak belebel ,nak marah .Rindu nak dgr masalah ,nak bg nasihat ,hem .
Rindu sup atas darat ,rindu sup ayam ,rindu takoyaki .Semua rindu .*nages rindu
Bila nak balik jadi diri sendiri ? Sobs sobs .
Menyesal eh kenal aku ? Sorry ..

Today once again ,you just keep on my mind when all of sudden you appear .
Looks like dia menyesal tersempak ..Nasib la ,maybe for the last one .
Even you are not like before ,but i'm still grateful .Able to meet you this sem .
Although he would not mind ,not care .not consider me as friend *part ni sakit dada
Still he was a good friend once :) 
Miss you my little momo ..
Please have a good life ,have a happier things .Sorry for the annoying part of me .
Please make yourself better ,please choose a good way .
Please don't make things harder in your life ,problem can be solve .
Please don't follow a way of mr cool life .Totally you are not the same as him .
You are much more better ,so please don't even ruin your life like this .
Lastly .take care dearest friend .
Sincerely ,

Your ex-bestfriend .

*konon tulis surat macam die bace ,this is how much i care and curious sampai leh update kt belog .
Nak borak ,tak sudi .yelah .i'm not his friend anymore ,sobs sobs ( sape kau die nak kwn ?)
lepas 2 jam bru siap update sebab sedih time tulis .asal kenangan kau dtg harini ?haha

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