Last cry for goodbye ?


Saying goodbye isn't the hard part .Its we leave behind that's tough.
Goodbye make you think .They make you realize what you're had ,what you're lost
And what you've taken for granted
Sometimes you have to let go someone to see if there's anything there to hold on to .
I don't want to wakeup and realize what i was dreaming was right
Infront of my shut eyes .I don't want to stop saying hellos for fear of saying goodbye .
Don't want to leave but we both know sometimes it's better to go .
Somehow i know we will be again .I don't know just when .
You're in my heart , so until then.... wanna smile 
Wanna cry and saying goodbye
Lets dry your eyes for the last cry .
I miss you <3 font="font">

When my mind just thought the same things 
How much i run ,its still stick on my mind
However i hide and pretend 
Its only remind me on you

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