Hello September :)


Wake me up when september ends 
Just hope this month will make me more stronger 
I'm stronger enough actually ,oppppp gangnam style .*again
Sometimes rasa wanna to talk about something but i try to keep it on myself
Just give a time for myself and for everyone around
Try to find myself again cause im lost my way too
Rasa split identity when i try to fake everything
Cause im the one who thought of others
So i can't live on my own way
Rasa nak hidup dengan diri sendiri just like sem1 
Just live my life without thinking others and just me in mylife 
Really really miss old friend who share everything in phone ,bila jumpa depan kaku
Hahaha .Bergayut sakan sampai lebam .
But now rasa malas nak bergayut cause nothing in my life wanna to share
Everyday just pray the best for them , try to not interfere others problem
Just lend ear to listen their problems and give them free advise 
Sometimes when i try to solve others ,i try to make it as my problem
then i'm down alone .bodo gile .
Try to make others happy while i'm in so much pain too
But i don't felt like im going share my pain cause more i share more i get sick
More i cruel ,more i happy .More i look don't know ,more i be myself
More i write here ,more i merepek .So happy September .
May september brings us happiness and may Allah bless us .
May september make me close with Allah .
Amin amin :) 

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