Stop crying your heart out


Hold up ,hold on
Don't be scared ,you'll never change what you what is been and gone
May your smile ,shine on ,don't be scared
Your destiny may keep you warm
Cause all the stars have faded away ,just not to worry ..
You will see then someday ,just take what you need
And be own your way ..
And stop crying your heart out
Get up ..Come on..Why you scared ?
You will never change what is been and gone :)


Layan lagu ni naik semangat by OASIS - Stop crying your heart out 
So guys yang rasa down ,please dengar .HAHA .
Its about a starts ,yes .sensitive a lot when talk about star .
Star ..A lot of meaning that make me cry a lot .I don't know why .
Star that have gone ,but just came as they want .
Sometimes have ,but sometimes lost .
Star also not gone ,but just hide 
Its just far but still you can see their light from distant .
This song make me better actually .Star that i can see someday .Hope so :)
Why must be start if it so difficult ?LOL .haha
Then just be you on your way .wink ;)

i might be crazy or what so on .But everyday i move on ,you still .Imissyou ..a lot actually .
Sorry for miss you .

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