I harbored all my longing then make it wound
I keep all bitterness then make it suffer
I hide all the sadness that make it pain
What i felt ,i just keep on myself
What i thought ,its just on my mind
What i through it just me in real
What i want is share ,then it can make me relieved
I miss a lot 
Miss when i just can be free with someone who can make me forgot all the things
Miss when i just can talk about future ,about what i want in my life
Sometimes even nobody can't understand me ,and hard for them to stay with me
One word is thanks .thanks for stay and go .thanks for created some memories then leaves
thanks for teach me suck of life ,thanks for start and end it ,thanks for change 
thanks for sick and pain ,thanks for waste a time,thanks for give me this shit
kbye :)

just merapu time when i miss someone but i can't told this
miss a lot ,miss miss and sorry for this yearning
its just came without invitation .
Please know it .I MISS YOU LAH !

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