Just let it be :)


Love is crazy because you will like whatever your lover like.
Its sucks actually but its loveee!Errrr~
Doing something that i think not cool but its cool.
What keling im talking about?Yaaa..Seriously.
I just think its cool when do the same things as he do.
Read what he like ,eat his favourite food but not the one tak halal k.err~
Think as he think ,how lovely and cool i am.ERRRR~
Stalker of course ,just being my daily routine ,how crazy it is!
Your music ,your website ,your style ,and your your your.
Everything about yours .Its just in my pocket.In my mind.In my heart.
All of your favourite ,will be my favourite too.
Genre of novel or music is the one i will read and hear too.
How awesome your life when you lose one's heart.
Everyday you will happy and suffer ,smile laugh cry on your own.
Its just was what love teach me.
Everyday i grow to be matured one.
Learn how to be and were to be.
Goodbye and nite peeps.
May you live in love with lover :)

How many times i try its hard to forget ,just think as you think.
Like what you like ,stalk non stop
Love more and more
Crazy do not know how long.
Thanks you and i love you :)

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