Common sense!


Idk why must i think about it.How much i try to control myself for not get involved in this..
Arghhh don't know how to talk or express it.Its sucks.
Sometimes there are lot of several things that cannot be thought of by common sense
but we as human must believe it.
The human mind has a limit to think it.So i am normal human ,so just like this i can think.
What i believe is what i learn from child until now.
Learn from surroundings that can make you believe in anythings in world
Just think like normal human , not extraordinary human.
No matter how you think about what happen to this world , you are just born to be a normal human .Just accepted it and your life will be calm .
We will grow and grow so just think and think until you found out what happens.
What i believe is what i learn
The important things in how your iman in yourself
If you don't believe just found out it.Don't try to continue to not believe just because of your ridiculous speculation.


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