Diamond :)


If you ask a diamond ,i would not be able to
I will reach the stars just for you
If you ask this world ,i will try
I was only able to be yours to make you happy
This heart is not mine again
I am willing to wait for a thousand years only for you
Darling ,please do not ask who in my heart
Etched in the stars ,unable to lose my love for you :)

Love you deeply but now miss you like crazy :'(

Letih is tired.


Lega selamat tiba di KL jam 8 malam waktu Malaysia (Macam aku dr oversea je)
Dari Terengganu terus ke Kuantan then terus ke KL.
Sangat letih lerr..And paling sedih pic nak update belog tertinggal.Spoil!
Overall wedding is not bad , sangat terbilang dan gah!
But the true is MEMBAZIR .HEHE.who i am to judge it?
Nice la and most important tak buat cathering ,so ramai membantu
Even penat but ramai ramai ,seronok jugak la.
Susah nak jumpe berkumpul ramai ramai.Then masak ramai2.
Aisehh pic takde nak tunjuk.

Balik KL update stalker.Rindu la.MissMissMiss.
Nak tengok , nak tengok.
Sebak dada merindu.Hoho.

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