Bile rindu stalker,bile stalker rindu.
Oh bile dan stalker and rindu jealous.
Bile jealous takde mood
Bile takde mood masuk belog konon nak lepaskan perasaan.
Yaaa ..sini je pon boleh berstory and bermory.

In this life have a lot of changes whether fast or slow.
Its depends on the individual
Sometimes you can't see the changes of yourself but others can know
So,when i become a profesional stalker.heeee :) I have see a lot of change inside of my friends.
Whether its good or bad its still called changes.Im i rite?
For me change is needed in line with time running..Yaaa i think it is.
Changes also make me sorrowful.I dun know why.
Mybe the changes that happen is upset to me.Mybe..
Talk about my friends,i have a lot but there are to far and i lost them like wind
Change leads us for separation.Hem.Times over and pass away with a lots of memories.
Miss it but let a change happen and sure all of this have wisdom
How far the result of wisdom are,only GOD to know and we as human must face it :)
What i want is a good change for all and for me.
I hope my changes able increase in self improvement and can pleasure others.Insyallah :)


Perubahan saban hari kadang kala membawa kebahagian dan kedukaan
Teman kawan sahabat adalah perubahan paling nyata
Sejauh mana diri tercampak dalam perubahan kehidupan masing masing
Ukhuwah persahabat tetap utuh dihati.

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