Wedding nor and anep :)


Awesome day when i became an important part of the wedding of my friend,Nor today.
important ke?Well.haha
Not really but i just to perasan,seriusly today is freakin tired when im the part of this wedding
from morning (akad nikah) until night ( bukak hadiah).
Sound excited kau akak!!!Well this is my first time since im 20 only k.
So mane de kawan kawan yg dh kawen sgt
But everthings is great and alhamdulillah everthings go in good manner.

Nor sangat cun dan lipat sangat cool.Haha.
Photographer sangat handsome.
Actually the photoshoot just not only in home but also involve at outdoor.
And pic will be upload later,i wanna show too even you dun want to see.
Cause kawan saya,nor sangat sangat cantik with her cinderella outfit
And outdoor session is awesome too cause taman gelora and esplanade sangat cantik

Selamat pengantin baru buat nor dan lipat,semoga jodoh berkekalan dan bahagia bahagia selalu sehingga ke syurga.Banyakkan bersabar,lalui hidup dengan ketenangan,insyaallah alam perkhawinan akan lebih manis :)

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