mereka is nothings


Hello readers.Come on lah Shafika.Macam ada je orang baca blog kau hampeh ni.Heee.
Who's care?This is my belog rite?Am i rite?Teheeee :)
Actually i got some ideas to talk about when i think about somethings
This story should not be in my blog space cause they/he/she/hershe not important
Mybe cause baredom that hit me made me talk about this nounsense things
This story is to be as funny campus diary 2012 of me.Ngee~

Im gonna talk about this group,actually just know them cause my roomate knew one of them,in other word friend of friends.But i dun care,for me community life should interact with one another no matter what the problems with who and how they live in life.What I just need to know and care is my life that much more meaningful and interesting.Rite?

But the bad things happens and its sucks for me when even i dun care their probs or their gud gud life.They actually care for me.Thanks :)
And i feel so bad because well im just too good to be condemned by them.Hahaha.
Its a fact because i dun even talk about them even they may become hot gossip among my friends.
Huuu.Im just human,so is a little be to talk too.hehe
I can smile and say hello when we are meet each others
how good i am rite?haha
So why must they spiteful to me to condemn me for the problems occur
HELLO!I am just a victim,victim OKE,get it?
So be profesional,just live your life and mind your owns business la kakak.
Yes,kakak because they are much older from me but their minds more like new kids.
But i just take it easy,text her just to unconscious her to be like human and matured

Too much to talk this time,Well for those that kutuk me so much,thanks.
Even im fat,ugly or what so on.I dun even trouble yours
Mybe im too cute for you all to see rite?HAHA
my god,stop angkat bakul shafika suhaimi
Make me annoy you know!
The conclusion is you all is nothings to talk about.Note it okay.
Even anak datuk,anak bangla,anak vvip,anak penoreh,
Who's care?
Senyap tak bermaksud kalah but just give a chance to change.


Tak perlu nak berbangga atas segala apa yang ada kerana dalam sekelip mata akan hilang
Capai keredhaan dan kejayaan,insyaalah akan membahagiakan diri,kedua ibu bapa dan masyarakat

Manusia bukan sempurna jadi jangan cari kesempurnaan,carilah kesederhanaan kerana kesederhanaan membuatkan kita dihormati dan disanjung tinggi

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