Why it is you?


Why is it you?Why did i fall in love with you?
Even if i shake my head,even if i say no.Its too late to let you go.
I can't even say the words i love you
Because my heart is cursing,my yearning for you keeps overflowing
Its like a thorn pricking in my throat,those sad words
All day long,these words are only swirling in my ears
I love you,love you forever <3
Even you don't seen me
I call you a thousand times but you don't know it
I wait for you,always standing here even you don't know
Like a fool,my foolish love sees you
You don't even know it.
No matter how much i call you.

Dah nak balik KL.Kelas dah nak start.Oh demn.
But i missyoualotlikecrazy.

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