New YeAR!


Happy new year!Selamat tahun baru.

I will miss you so much 2011.
A lot of things that i have do in that year.
Really miss it.Love all kinds that happens whether good or bad.
Those things has its own memories which teach me meaning of the life
Learn from mistake is the best way to me to improve myself in various aspects.
Thanks god.Alhamdullilah.
Azam tahun ini adalah hanya mahu memperbaiki diri menjadi lebih baik dari sebelumnya
I hope this year will be much better than 2011.
2012 please give me a good life!
Welcome 2012,goodbye 2011!

For those i love family,friends and you!

I always hope that you all will be in good life.Happy with family,friends and lover.
Do a good things,please don't make yourself in trouble even you got problem.
Think twice before do something.Its hurt me because i love you all.
Please be strong and joy your life in good ways.
Thanks you.Love you all damn damn much <3


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