3:08 AM


Sometimes its not easy to vomit what on your mind or share anything .
If you don't expressed it ,become problem to yourself .errrr
Boleh gelak ,boleh cakap and boleh hidup .
Tipu kalau cakap my life was so suck when i can still can dance oppa gangnam style .
Op op oppa gagnam style ,hey sexy ladyyy ,woippwoip .*dance
Sila muntah berdarah ,me can dance better than chris brown k .Haha
Bukak lappy ,first belog .Yes belog can help ringankan bebas otak otak yg mmg pandai .
Ada perkara yang luaran ok ,but deep terbuku .
Now alhamdulillah ,rasa tenang even sometimes hemm just curious why and why thats happen ? huhu
Just pray for the best ,all the things have their own reason and ade hikmah .
And i know what i through is the best for me in future ,maybe .I just hope can calm myself .
I try to accept everything even its hurt ,try to live my life on own .
Stand on  ,keep alone the happier and sadness things .
And sometimes when its come down mood , belog is the best things to expressed .
Try to accept around ,try to give a chance for them .
Try to make it easier and always remind of myself
Instead of sad ,better i just live my life as usual .Try to fake everything .
Life ni jangan kesiankan orang cause one day this will happen .Rite?
Ada orang kesiankan kite ?No rite ?
Orang lain bahagia je ,happy semacam je .Kau ?Still same .sampah okayyy .
sobs sobs :( 
Ngantok dah mulelah start merepek .Its 3.07 a.m .
Esok open rent house ( rumah sewa terbuka )
Night :) 

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