when its hurt ....

1:55 PM


Yesterday i laugh ,today i cry .
Yesterday i have you ,today i lost you .
Yesterday we still together ,today we just like stranger .
Thats life teach me ,who know how i felt ?
Who felt what i thought .Who will cry for me ?
Me is alone and i just get pain alone .
Who i am ? Im not the one who are important but you still the one most i care .
Thanks Allah for give this all .Cause all of this i'm here ,still alive .
Thanks .Alhamdulillah .Its still have day for me tomorrow ?
Sorry for being sick hurt ,its not what i want
How our story is begin ,and its also end it .
Cry a lot ,laugh crazy .How it can be 'kebetulan' ?
Thanks for those beside me when i get down .
I know life is just like circle , up and down .
And now im down ,so thanks for care me a lot friends .
Even thousand friend ,but the one most i hope just you .
Even they give their best to calm me ,i just hope you .
Even only one came but its you , its end .
End of sadness and pain ? Can you came ?
How pathetic i am right ? Hope until hope ,then yourself is about to died .
Allah is with us and sorry for being like this .
How can i share this pain ? pain cause of you .
thousand friend i share ,its just only you i wanna to share .yes ,its you !
Me is hurt so much dear friend ,can you hear me now ?
Hear inside ,its pain .Everyday i pray and hope ..
Close my eyes ,tell myself .
not for begging you ,not for to being your friend ,not for cry with you ,not for get close with you .
just want to being good and being nice when you are around me ,then say goodbye in a good way without me get pain .Stay and go without care .just it .

*when its hurt ,they are someone around you .And its friend *
sorry for meroyan .muehehehe .This is my new film .Kahkahkah ;D

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