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As usual or normally op op oppa gangnam style .Please stop it dakbie !
Sometimes rasa bersalah kat diri sendiri cause doesn't care own self .
Thought about others actually make you sick .
But i'm not the one who can ignored around without though of them
Rasa kesian still ada dalam diri ,simpati ..
I'm the one who can hear any story without complaint and chill them while i'm sick too
The things that happens without i know what cause of that .clueless gile .
Don't blame me or put me in hard situation while i don't know too
I might look too strong and thats what i want .
So please don't make things hard for me .
Everyday i just curious the same things .Crazy of me .huh
When i try and try ,why its become worse .
Worse cause people around ?
Give a times but make it harder .
Give a space but i'm who the one was look fault  
Susah la hidup dehhh .
Ponat beraya kat umah sewa ngn classmate .
Thanks you all for coming .

To stop loving ,you must be strong enough to do that 
To not be presence anymore,just face of sick
To erase all the memory ,its tough love :"(

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