Raya ?

3:24 PM


Selamat hari Raya . Selamat Hari Raya .
Housie semua balik ,then me alone ?
Sometimes pelik dengan diri sendiri yang kosong .
Sampaikan raya is nothings padahal dulu me is the one who excited kalau bab2 nak balik ni .
Dulu tak raya pon ,rasa nak balik .
Sampaikan housie tanye "best sangat ke kuantan kau tu ?"
Kuantan still the best la but me is the problem .
Kalau tak balik raya pon ,tak kesah kut but im still have my family .
Where is your spirit DAKBIE ? while everyone so excited buy ticket ,balik raya .
You ? Tengok without jealous .Dulu kalau orang balik ,comfirm jealous .
Maybe Allah give me this felt ,so me boleh rasa macam mane kalau takde nikmat beraya .
Now i know .Pityyouuuu mr.cool .Me also rasa macam tu .
If i can back from the start , no la i never regret .
Its takdir right why its become like this ? 
The one thats problem is me .Hem .
Why its so hard to move on while i can ? Memories that stick or stuck in my mind ?
Hahaha ,Stupido la .Orang lain oraite and bahagia je .Why just only you thats thought of that ?
Taklah ,just tertanye tanye with myself .Aku tanye then aku jawab .Hoho
By the way ,Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin .

Semua ape yang di update adalah just luahan hati yang terbeku cause this is what inside .
Sometimes we can't show the things inside and the facts is im the one who cheerful outside .
I really miss someone that already gone and missing .Someone who shared the pain i feel .
:"(  :"(  :"(

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