Calm yourself .

1:02 PM


Everyday i pray and hope .When i wakeup early morning ,not early sangat lah .
I wakeup then first in my mind you mybe ? No la .
I just want be coolness and calm .
Seem these days ,don't know why my life .messy kut .
Celaru then menangis without i don't know why .
Hari hari mengharap Allah give me petunjuk .So i can live my life just like before .
There are many reason in this world why somethings happen rite?
Then when i wake up today ,i felt that .Basuh muka .
Pandang cermin ,and what just in my mind .
I need to talk to her .Maybe my feeling just because i felt guilty .
thats just comes up in my mind after wakeup .
Guided from ALLAH mybe?whos know?
I need to discuss with her even i know its risk .
Risiko kut when i need to terus terang .tell the truth .errr~
My friend told me not to do such stupido things cause not me salah .
Mangsa keadaan?haha .
But me doing this cause tu je kut boleh tenang .And after ,berserah pada yang kuasa .
I believe what i felt is truth cause me rase tenang after get this idea .
Begging for forgiveness 
I need to talk ,i don't care even its hurt me so much .Hurt you too so much .
Move on not just in your mouth ,but deep inside your heart .
Act cool ,pretend okay .Smile fake .
Kene bertindak then baru nampak hasil .rite ?
How can i be cool as mrcool ?muehehehe .me miss him so much la .
So when we can meet ha ? i lost your friend ,then i will lost you too .kahkahkah .
Konon hang punye ! No news cause tak tahu nak tanye siape .
Story about you to my mom heaven kut .Oh perasanofme ,pityyooodakbie!
So bile agak2nye koya ni beralih erk ?letih rindu bayang hang !hoho
tak jumpe setahun ,still rindu .susah nak lupa .me kene bomoh maybe .errr~
Stop meroyan sebelum "aku tumbukk muke kau bahhh " (johan)


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