:) :(

10:40 PM


Dear blog ,i miss when we stick together like this .
Have a date here .Sorry for being alone .
Sorry for make things hard ,sorry cause annoyed you 
Sorry for always update on you .
Its pain a lot ,cry alone
Haishhh why life is so unfair to me .
But still Alhamdulillah for life that given to me .
Everydays i pray and hope
Hope the things that never come back in my life ?
Just hope that everythings is normal as usual ,thats all .
I miss when i just thought or dream things that will make happy .
Yes berangan is the best things ,cause you can imagine whatever you want on your life .
But now i'm still in bad dream ,i should wake up from this .
Move on and back to reality .I should leave all the memories .
Everydays i move on but everydays me get hurt .
Its not what i want ,sorry for being like this .
Why you can live in good life while i can't ?
Why only me who love this relationship while you just act like me is strangers ?
Why me is still care while you don't even look at me?
Stupido dakbie ,pityyyyouuuu .BOOOOOO~

just nonsense update when me get bored alone .
Just hope he will read ,then know i'm still care and miss him .
Pityyyouuu again dakbie .HAHA .
Goodnight :) can i slept forever ?

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