As usual or normally op op oppa gangnam style .Please stop it dakbie !
Sometimes rasa bersalah kat diri sendiri cause doesn't care own self .
Thought about others actually make you sick .
But i'm not the one who can ignored around without though of them
Rasa kesian still ada dalam diri ,simpati ..
I'm the one who can hear any story without complaint and chill them while i'm sick too
The things that happens without i know what cause of that .clueless gile .
Don't blame me or put me in hard situation while i don't know too
I might look too strong and thats what i want .
So please don't make things hard for me .
Everyday i just curious the same things .Crazy of me .huh
When i try and try ,why its become worse .
Worse cause people around ?
Give a times but make it harder .
Give a space but i'm who the one was look fault  
Susah la hidup dehhh .
Ponat beraya kat umah sewa ngn classmate .
Thanks you all for coming .

To stop loving ,you must be strong enough to do that 
To not be presence anymore,just face of sick
To erase all the memory ,its tough love :"(



Sometimes its not easy to vomit what on your mind or share anything .
If you don't expressed it ,become problem to yourself .errrr
Boleh gelak ,boleh cakap and boleh hidup .
Tipu kalau cakap my life was so suck when i can still can dance oppa gangnam style .
Op op oppa gagnam style ,hey sexy ladyyy ,woippwoip .*dance
Sila muntah berdarah ,me can dance better than chris brown k .Haha
Bukak lappy ,first belog .Yes belog can help ringankan bebas otak otak yg mmg pandai .
Ada perkara yang luaran ok ,but deep terbuku .
Now alhamdulillah ,rasa tenang even sometimes hemm just curious why and why thats happen ? huhu
Just pray for the best ,all the things have their own reason and ade hikmah .
And i know what i through is the best for me in future ,maybe .I just hope can calm myself .
I try to accept everything even its hurt ,try to live my life on own .
Stand on  ,keep alone the happier and sadness things .
And sometimes when its come down mood , belog is the best things to expressed .
Try to accept around ,try to give a chance for them .
Try to make it easier and always remind of myself
Instead of sad ,better i just live my life as usual .Try to fake everything .
Life ni jangan kesiankan orang cause one day this will happen .Rite?
Ada orang kesiankan kite ?No rite ?
Orang lain bahagia je ,happy semacam je .Kau ?Still same .sampah okayyy .
sobs sobs :( 
Ngantok dah mulelah start merepek .Its 3.07 a.m .
Esok open rent house ( rumah sewa terbuka )
Night :) 

Raya ?


Selamat hari Raya . Selamat Hari Raya .
Housie semua balik ,then me alone ?
Sometimes pelik dengan diri sendiri yang kosong .
Sampaikan raya is nothings padahal dulu me is the one who excited kalau bab2 nak balik ni .
Dulu tak raya pon ,rasa nak balik .
Sampaikan housie tanye "best sangat ke kuantan kau tu ?"
Kuantan still the best la but me is the problem .
Kalau tak balik raya pon ,tak kesah kut but im still have my family .
Where is your spirit DAKBIE ? while everyone so excited buy ticket ,balik raya .
You ? Tengok without jealous .Dulu kalau orang balik ,comfirm jealous .
Maybe Allah give me this felt ,so me boleh rasa macam mane kalau takde nikmat beraya .
Now i know .Pityyouuuu mr.cool .Me also rasa macam tu .
If i can back from the start , no la i never regret .
Its takdir right why its become like this ? 
The one thats problem is me .Hem .
Why its so hard to move on while i can ? Memories that stick or stuck in my mind ?
Hahaha ,Stupido la .Orang lain oraite and bahagia je .Why just only you thats thought of that ?
Taklah ,just tertanye tanye with myself .Aku tanye then aku jawab .Hoho
By the way ,Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir Batin .

Semua ape yang di update adalah just luahan hati yang terbeku cause this is what inside .
Sometimes we can't show the things inside and the facts is im the one who cheerful outside .
I really miss someone that already gone and missing .Someone who shared the pain i feel .
:"(  :"(  :"(

:) :(


Dear blog ,i miss when we stick together like this .
Have a date here .Sorry for being alone .
Sorry for make things hard ,sorry cause annoyed you 
Sorry for always update on you .
Its pain a lot ,cry alone
Haishhh why life is so unfair to me .
But still Alhamdulillah for life that given to me .
Everydays i pray and hope
Hope the things that never come back in my life ?
Just hope that everythings is normal as usual ,thats all .
I miss when i just thought or dream things that will make happy .
Yes berangan is the best things ,cause you can imagine whatever you want on your life .
But now i'm still in bad dream ,i should wake up from this .
Move on and back to reality .I should leave all the memories .
Everydays i move on but everydays me get hurt .
Its not what i want ,sorry for being like this .
Why you can live in good life while i can't ?
Why only me who love this relationship while you just act like me is strangers ?
Why me is still care while you don't even look at me?
Stupido dakbie ,pityyyyouuuu .BOOOOOO~

just nonsense update when me get bored alone .
Just hope he will read ,then know i'm still care and miss him .
Pityyyouuu again dakbie .HAHA .
Goodnight :) can i slept forever ?

i can't hold


Ya Allah ,kau kuatkanlah hambamu ini .Lemah dan rebah tatkala menulis .
Merasakan seakan dunia gelap .Betapa runtuhnya rasa hati .
Aku benci perasaan yang melalaikan ini .
Perasaan yang membunuh sehingga aku lupa pada-Mu Ya Allah .
Kuatkan seketul hati dan jantung di dalam badanku ini .
Yang dipinjam sekejap untukku.
Kuatkan tulang tulang ku agar dapat berdiri teguh .
Tabahkan perasaan hati ini agar tidak sakit .
Sakit yang mampu membunuh dan menggugurkan jantungku ini .
Jauhilah aku dari semua ini .
Aku tidak dapat bertahan dengan kesakitan ini .
Seribu senyuman gelakan ,sejuta kepahitan kesakitan dalam jiwa ku rasa .
Teguhkan imanku ,kuatkan semangatku dan berikan aku ketenangan Ya Allah .

Hati sesakit duri tertusuk ,berdarahnya sehingga tidak mampu mengalirkan air mata .
Penatnya hidup sehingga terlupa pada yang Esa
Sayang dan kasihnya sesama manusia sehingga melalaikan sejenak kasih-Nya .
Kalau ini balasan ,aku redha dan kalau ini dugaan kau kuatkanlah aku Ya Allah .



Please care him cause i really miss and love 
Cewahhhhh ..seriously i miss you .
Miss every moment together ,miss and miss
Do i look like stranger ?
Did i do a big mistake ?
Is that awkward when me around ?
Rasa macam tak jadi diri sendiri these days
Try to calm ,happy myself while inside of me is loner .
Bullshit of these feeling .
Menggedik is the one bullshit things ,but its make me look happy .
Don't know nak cakap apa ,and sometimes down .
Down cause of him .
Looks like me so stupid when im just the one who felt this but you ? annoy with me ?
Act like strangers ,then me cry alone .Sick and pain .
Kadang2 rasa nak menjerit dan pukul diri sendiri.
Hentak kat dinding .Tak tahu nak cakap ape .

Calm yourself .


Everyday i pray and hope .When i wakeup early morning ,not early sangat lah .
I wakeup then first in my mind you mybe ? No la .
I just want be coolness and calm .
Seem these days ,don't know why my life .messy kut .
Celaru then menangis without i don't know why .
Hari hari mengharap Allah give me petunjuk .So i can live my life just like before .
There are many reason in this world why somethings happen rite?
Then when i wake up today ,i felt that .Basuh muka .
Pandang cermin ,and what just in my mind .
I need to talk to her .Maybe my feeling just because i felt guilty .
thats just comes up in my mind after wakeup .
Guided from ALLAH mybe?whos know?
I need to discuss with her even i know its risk .
Risiko kut when i need to terus terang .tell the truth .errr~
My friend told me not to do such stupido things cause not me salah .
Mangsa keadaan?haha .
But me doing this cause tu je kut boleh tenang .And after ,berserah pada yang kuasa .
I believe what i felt is truth cause me rase tenang after get this idea .
Begging for forgiveness 
I need to talk ,i don't care even its hurt me so much .Hurt you too so much .
Move on not just in your mouth ,but deep inside your heart .
Act cool ,pretend okay .Smile fake .
Kene bertindak then baru nampak hasil .rite ?
How can i be cool as mrcool ?muehehehe .me miss him so much la .
So when we can meet ha ? i lost your friend ,then i will lost you too .kahkahkah .
Konon hang punye ! No news cause tak tahu nak tanye siape .
Story about you to my mom heaven kut .Oh perasanofme ,pityyooodakbie!
So bile agak2nye koya ni beralih erk ?letih rindu bayang hang !hoho
tak jumpe setahun ,still rindu .susah nak lupa .me kene bomoh maybe .errr~
Stop meroyan sebelum "aku tumbukk muke kau bahhh " (johan)


Ready for let it go


Why me so rajin post ? why ? cause im not okay .this is safety place for me to express what i felt without annoy anyone but sorry for those yang bace ( konon orang baca )
When me not okay , automatically me will do somethings that can forget a pain sadness or what else .
Biase buat lompat pagar ,lari setempat ,renang dalam besen dan sebagainya .
Itu semua pembohongan di bulan Ramadhan .
Sometimes when i so much in pain ,almost to died .Rasa nak terjun longkang .
Ye longkang sebab me is islam ,dosa bunuh diri okayy.
Mood tengah okay bile update ,tu macam ni .Kalau tak .Hampeh .
Bile down ,banyak research .Yaa about life .Life that must go on .
Just read any blog that will keep me strong .
Sometimes jatuh sedih cause nak sedarkan manusia .
Kembali pada yang Esa ,hemm .
Sedih .Selama hari ni me is sungguh lalai .Then i realize why i'm being like this 
Then me terjumpe la fakta and rasa strong .
Title "Ready for let it go"
Ada mende dalam dunia ni yang kita sayang ,suka ,cinta or what else but we know we will get hurt
Contoh bila baju tu ,mahal sgt .then suke .degil beli jugak even takde size .See?its hurt right ?
So from the start we saw that clothes then like it ,but still want to buy it even there are no size for you .In the end ,we get pain cause we cannot wear it .
Macam tu jugak hidup ,when we get something we like or what .We must ready to let it go .
Kalau kita tahu itu akan melalaikan kita dan menjauhkan kita dari-Nya .
Apa yang lalai ? lets say radio la ,sayang sgt but itu melalaikan when you doesn't remember ALLAH who give your life .
Kesedihan tu cuma mainan syaitan yang melalaikan and kita sebagai hamba haruslah bertawakal .
Ya i just only talk ,but when its turn to me .My world just blank and rasa nak mati .
Haishhh .Senang je nak kembalikan mood ni .When me kena maki ?
Kena maki sebab bodo ?Cepat cepat sedar .Haha
Berapa ramai sekeliling ,serius i just felt alone when you are not around .Suck right?
Sedarlah dakbie oiii .Kdang manusia ni leka .Tahu tu salah but still meroyan .
HAHA .But this is not what i want .Haishhh .
I know what i felt is just cause im lonely .Forever alone ?Haha .
Alone ke kalau ramai je ade but you are the one that felt alone ?
Move on ..shafika suhaimi is so complicated .kahkahkah .
And thanks for being with me encik senget , encik sengal .
How much awok ketawakan saya ,saya sedih jugak 
\Cause you are not him .Sorry :(
Everytime i remind ,my chest going explode .Pitymeeee .
So please remind untuk kehidupan akan datang .
Jangan terlalu harap dan lalai .Oh me sungguh lalai kalau bahagia .Muehehehe .
Kbye .Please happiness come to meee .
Me hope youuuu ....

Wordless semester


How much i laugh a lot ,me still in pain .

Thanks you .

*curious how are you SM?haha .me miss you .no news 

when its hurt ....


Yesterday i laugh ,today i cry .
Yesterday i have you ,today i lost you .
Yesterday we still together ,today we just like stranger .
Thats life teach me ,who know how i felt ?
Who felt what i thought .Who will cry for me ?
Me is alone and i just get pain alone .
Who i am ? Im not the one who are important but you still the one most i care .
Thanks Allah for give this all .Cause all of this i'm here ,still alive .
Thanks .Alhamdulillah .Its still have day for me tomorrow ?
Sorry for being sick hurt ,its not what i want
How our story is begin ,and its also end it .
Cry a lot ,laugh crazy .How it can be 'kebetulan' ?
Thanks for those beside me when i get down .
I know life is just like circle , up and down .
And now im down ,so thanks for care me a lot friends .
Even thousand friend ,but the one most i hope just you .
Even they give their best to calm me ,i just hope you .
Even only one came but its you , its end .
End of sadness and pain ? Can you came ?
How pathetic i am right ? Hope until hope ,then yourself is about to died .
Allah is with us and sorry for being like this .
How can i share this pain ? pain cause of you .
thousand friend i share ,its just only you i wanna to share .yes ,its you !
Me is hurt so much dear friend ,can you hear me now ?
Hear inside ,its pain .Everyday i pray and hope ..
Close my eyes ,tell myself .
not for begging you ,not for to being your friend ,not for cry with you ,not for get close with you .
just want to being good and being nice when you are around me ,then say goodbye in a good way without me get pain .Stay and go without care .just it .

*when its hurt ,they are someone around you .And its friend *
sorry for meroyan .muehehehe .This is my new film .Kahkahkah ;D

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