windu lettew .


Apehal rajin hari hari nak update belog ?
Boleh luah tanpa had dan tidak menyusahkan .Baca menyusahkan?jangan baca!
Marah ?Mana ada deh .Aku cool kut .
Even tak boleh ,cakap je boleh .
Even sakit ,buat je happy .
Even macam mane ,buat je biase.
Cakap boleh ,buat memang susah .Tak try .tak tahu kan?
So kadang kadang kita manusia susah nak nampak .
Nampak kebahagian sebalik kesengsaraan .
Sebab taknak mencuba ?ye sakit tapi ..
Kalau tak try ,mana nak tahu ada lagi better right?
Bersusah susah dahulu ,bersenang senang kemudian .
Cewahhhh !
Takkan nak bersenang senang ,bersakit sakit .senang sikit .sakit banyak!
Penat .letih .kuikuikui
Sakit gile actually sekejap .susah gile tapi senang kemuadian
I just talk about life in everything what are you doing .
Sometimes bile jatuh ,susah nak bangun but tak pernah try kan?
What we just only say ? give up ?shit it ?
*me too actually
But once you have try ,its pain a lot but makin lame tak cuba makin sakit .
Hidup kadang2 nampak tak adil ,but kita yg buat nampak tak adil
Tak pernah nak cuba cari keadilan before somethings happen tak adil tu muncul ..
Kita boleh nasihatkan orang but when jadi kat diri sendiri ?susah kan ?
What can i do ,sometimes alpa .Tak pernah cuba nak motivated diri sendiri
Yang tahu ,"I CAN'T DO IT "
kan ?semua orang sama ..but actually you boleh dapat lagi better dalam kepahitan u rasa .
Yaaaaa ..i meant it .Banyakkan membaca ,dan berdoa.insyaallah .
Setiap berlaku ade hikmah ,when i try to calm myself in pain .
Its make me better day by day and i hope it continuous ..
Esok balik jam 12.30 .who cares kau bgitau ?Lantar r .ni belog guee .HAHA
Goodbye KL ,Hye Kuantan.
Will miss you a lot la MR.COOL .SM <3 <3 <3
*gatai kau nokkk!



Why must life being so difficult ?
Or just human in this world make it difficult and complicated
Huh !
Tepuk dada tanya selera .What just can i say about my life is sucks !
Think about others problems and make it as yours big problem .
How sucks it is .HAHA .
Life is just like circle rite ? So ...Enjoy every happy moments in your life.
How fuck are you when just stuck in others people business or matter .
Chill and relax .Smile then laugh as you can .How perfect your life .
Miss you la Kuantan ,when can we date ?
Tak sabaq cek nak balik selasa ni !
Wink wink wink ;) ;) :)
Nak balik la ,makan nasi minyak pepagi !
Bangun pagi pergi pasar dengan bonda ...
Tolong bonda dan ayahanda di gerai .
Anak solehah 2012 kut .huhu ...How perfect it is actually
Go back home ,take shower and slept .
Do a same routine everyday ..Perfect ?HAHA..
Rindu nak lepak ngn dak2 thailand ..Rindu nak lepak laa .
But masa kadang kadang mendewasakan kita *cilaka punya ayat maa..
Rindu laaa semua semua .Semua pasar minggu di Kuantan .See?Faktor terlalu SLIM .
See you there .Tuesday 12 pm .Gonna back .
Kuantan please be good and nice to me
Thanks you .heee :D


i move


Because of love ,i move ..
Like a gull across the sea ,seek trees for shelter
Because of love ,i travel ..
Follow the tracks ,an inner voice
Most faithful love hearts..
A pair of wings that i can't see
Stored like a dream
This poem is created because it was inaccessible
nourishment stored ..
Turbulent love me for you..
I wanted to express
My soul with a perfect signal
Let yourself understand what i feel ,how much i miss love you
Allow yourself to realize it
That i was always wait for you
That i always casting you
That i always love you




How much it play in your mind ,it's just what you think
How much you feel ,it was just your feeling 
How much you get tired think of that ,it's still on your mind
How much you avoid ,it's still comes every second in your life
Its not about how much or how how ,it's just until when ?
If i can go back from start ....
I will even its pain me too much ,accept without any complaint
Just accept any decision you make without any objection
Just smile without any annoying face
Just let it be without any advice
Just like that if i know its become more worse than i thought
I don't know ...
Sorry for make anythings in difficult .
Just what i felt ,i thought ..
Goodnite peeps .

Merdeka ...sem 3 is done !


So this is me swallowing my pride ..
Write here ,saying i'm sorry for everythings .
And i go back to high school all the time
Its turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you
Wishing i'd realize what i had when you were mine 
I go back to high school ,turn around and make it alright
I go back to high school all the time
I miss you tan skin ,your sweet smile
So good to me ,so right
And how you held me in your arms that night 
The first time you ever saw me cry .
Maybe this is wishful thinking
Probably mindless dreaming


Done exam .Done semester 3 .Hoyeahhhh!
Kuantan is waiting ...
Nak lepak lepak .makan makan .tido tido .layan korea .
Lamenye tak rasa hidup ni heaven .
Please holiday .Be nice to me !
Give me a strength .
Kbye :)

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