boredom :(


How much strong you are ,you are just to weak .
Weak with yourself ,pretend that you will cool while you are suffer.
Its just too pain and sick 
Life is complicated ,more you give .More you pain .
Its just not what you give ,you need wages .
Its  just appreciate what you give .
I'm not the kind of girl who can cry infront of everyone just to gained sympathy from everyone.
Its too weak ,but sometimes when you can't hold it .Its too sick and pain inside .
Nobody knows and who wants to know ?
What just you can do is smile then smile until you felt that your chest gonna explode.
Shattered in with a thousand smile.
That how life teach me how to be this strong even i'm not
Laugh as you can until tired to laugh.
Talk so so much until you lost your word
How cool it is ?
But sometimes its takes yourself back .You will lost and dying.
Crying like crazy ,pain like a thorn pierced into your heart.
This is risk for act just too cool
What you just do just update your blog then cry infront your lappy with nobody knows.
Update in dark mood in 3.47 am .Its so sorrow and i meant it .
Life please be kind to me and to everyone i loves too *cry
I'm not too cool ,not too strong .I'm just too weak but pretend that i'm okay
*My lappy just can see my tears that too pain i just hold it.hmmm ;(
I just doesn't want people around me look like i'm weak but please someone know,its just too pain
Act like you are too cool is not a good ideas actually .What you look ,is not what in inside
I hate to love and to loved *laugh cause my words is weird
Hate hate hate .Its pain a lot ,cry much stupid .
It will teach you to be greedy ,to be bad and to be anythings without any excuse .
How cruel it is ,selfish is indeed while you want to make it clear and okay .
Just live your own ,mind your own business .
Be strong for a while ,when you are wakeup ..
Hello world ,you are just only 15teen .How happy your life even  needs to wakeup early morning .
Arghhhh but you know it have a lot of fun
I just to go back at that moments when i just sit in chair ,one table with fully school uniform
Early morning always sucks ,i must run to the school cause late !
Memorials ...hmmmmm ..Imissyoualot.
Miss every moments together ,miss you concerns.Care me a lot .
Thanks .I never have a time to tells this .
I love you ,i miss you .I am so sorry .I am too bad friend ;(
Never appreciate you but just now i felt it .
revenge mybe ? sick pain rite ? haha
You are the best friend i ever had and you will never ever be replaced .
I hope somedays will find someone like you that care for me lot ,cry with me .Laugh with me.
Always understandings ,no need for me to tells .You are just too aweseome friend !
You know i'm weak even i look like i'm okay *smile cause remind a lot of think
You always said that i can cry infront of you ,please don't keep it myself.Sharing is caring .haha
You always make my days ,always ask for me why and why .
Always be the one to know ,how strong i am rite ?
Bloody cause knife ,i'm still okay rite even tears out slowly .HAHA
You are just the one know that i'm not okay .Thanks .
Think about you make me smile and forget all the things .Thanks and thanks even it just memorials.
Where ever where you are .You just too awesome and i miss you .
4.22 a.m .I am done and seriously okay cause think about you ;) wink


Weird comes around .


Empty ....then stop .Its just like that .Then ,you will sick .
Sick and get pain cause of yourself .
Weird and nonsense .Hold down ,pain ends .
Life teach you day by day until your died .
Many things just make you worst .
Just stupid guessing .
In the ends ,its nothings actually .
More you give ,more you pain .
Real life .Its fact .Smile then cry .
Laugh then ....

*just a stupid word in my mind ,idk what i talk .i just felt empty*

Port Dickson :)


Ade beberapa pic time holiday with housie and classmate
Its too awesome :)
Have a lot of fun .

Even penat gile .3 hari 2 malam sangat tak puas .ERRR~
Actually penat gile nak update .heee .
Bye peeps :)

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