mulut longkang


I know I am not a good
and never again changed for the better
but I try to keep quiet so i never hurt people
If the silence I could make a million people in the excitement
I will do even if no one knew what I felt
I try to change but i am still who i am
I'm just ordinary girl with thousand lack
Lack of thousand i replace it with a thousand sacrifices
Who's knows?Who's cares?
I'm just only can bear it in own
I'm just waiting
waiting for something that is not identified
continue to wait without despair
expect happiness to come

How long?How long?How long?
I only can cry and cry but only in heart
No one cares,no one know :(

Note:I know i not in mood when i write this.sorry for the emotional feelings.I just can only express in here.For someone,thanks for make me laugh for these few days.
i enjoy with you but more thanks when you make me not in mood.
Since a long time i do not cry,thanks.

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