Monday that empty.No morning class.
No meals in this morning.I mean him :)
Always wait for monday will come but today was disappointing me.


Is how long i didn't see you
Mybe i hope you miss me as i do
love between us no hindered
even the end of the age I would love yourself
I'm just waiting for you, said you love me
I would love to love you, my love

When you comes in my life even in my dreams
I want to be with you forever
even until the end of life
maybe you do not understand the purpose of my heart is up t
o you
Now I would love yourself until the end of time

Love is not a beauty, if not it can be discharged
Love is not a certainty if no reply
Love a painful ,longing ,death and misery
That what love teach us.

p/s:IDK why my hearts just like exploding everytime i remember you.miss you like crazy :(

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