Freaking tired lah pursue your shadow.
Everytime kinda miss you.
Everywhere your face in my minds.
Everysecond you stick in my hearts.
Everytime,everywhere,everysecond YOU,YOU and YOU!
I am stupid right? Crazy right?
What can i do?Its just happen without my will.
When i closed my eye,you will appear.
When i sleep you appear too in my dream.
When again.
Please run away from me.
I am tired when i am not able to fact this pain.

Only me will be in hurt.You will smile without any worries and fears.
I will continue my life with your shadow near me.Suffer like crazy.
Thanks to your shadow that stick into my life.
I will become more crazy and crazy.Thanks you.

I hope when i wakeup from my dreams. Its just in my dream i love you.

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