The blues of Monday.Dengan mood mental pepagi.Mood hilang kelaut.
But everything smooth well lah.
Hem.IDK how im feel.I am not enough strong lah.
Kadang kadang rasa nak quit je Unikl.
But fikir mak bapak.
Hem.Course aku amek bukan jiwa aku.
And KL is not my life.I miss my old life.Really miss it.
Tak tahu nak beritahu perasaan macam mana.
Kadang kala seronok.Kadang2 down.
Is better when i in first sem even thats time i do not have any friends.
Is not about friends.But just me is problem.
Why i feel uneasy when i wanna go to class.
Arghhhh.Kinda miss you.
Yaaa.I know people change.I do not blame anyone but i just feel...hem
okay lah bye.Is a merepek time

Mr.cool is not cool yet.Demn!Hate your changes.

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