Everyday is a new story.
About life.Being good,laugh and sad.
Have many friends.Good story.Gosips.
Laughter that never goes out.
I am worry if no laugh,no story for tommorow.
Time that passes away.Make me think whether i was being a good person.
I am always grateful to be me even i do not how others side feel about me.
I don't care about others feelings as long as i am happy with it
How selfish i am.If i could,i want to be this time.
Forget about feeling,sadness.I really don't want to think it.
My heart always wondered why why and why?
Many question are not answered or i just create a question that do not have answer.
Its hard time for me.Everyday i just think of it.
I really think even i try not to thinking.
Its goes that come.I am confused by the situation that has not been exhausted.
He and him.You and you.Both if you.
I know i am just perasan even everyone was noticed it.
I do not want to talk about it.Its make me in hard time

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