Now in Bangsar.huh.Sedih tinggalkan Kuantan.Nak deman pun ade.Well,seminggu aku di Kuantan memang first day je online.Then,terus tak online.Tak jenguk pun blog.Actually sampai sini 10.30 malam semalam.Balik awal sebab nak siapkan assignment yang gile banyak.Satu habuk tak buat kat Kuantan.Hebat kan?Sekarang pun still tak siap lagi.Malas gile nak cari idea.Korang tolong jawabkan please..Ni ha soalannye.

1. You work as a network analyst for large manufacturing company that uses
Windows. After the most recent virus attack, your manager asked you to
analyze the feasibility of switching to a different operating system, such as
Linux or UNIX. Use the web and research the advantages and disadvantages
of switching operating systems. Create a report based on your findings to
answer the following questions :
1 Are alternative operating systems any less susceptible to viruses than
Windows? Why or why not?
2 What is Microsoft approach to eliminating virus attacks?
3 What types of cost are involved in changing operating systems?

2. Your cousin is buying a new computer both for personal use and for operating
his consulting business which he runs out of his home. He is undecided about
which edition of the Windows 7 operating system to purchase with his new
computer. Windows 7 Home premium is designed for home computing.
Windows 7 Ultimate contains features both for home and business user. He
has asked you to review the differences between each edition and help him
decide he should buy. Prepare a report comparing the similarities and
contrasting the differences among the three editions. Be sure includes
items such as features that included with one edition that are not available
in another and cost differences. And last please provide a recommendation
and the reasons why the edition you choose would be best.

Sape dapat jawab aku kasi coklat.ahaha..gile pening kepalo den mahu pikirnyee...

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