letih giler vavi :)


Actually time update blog ni.I still belum tido since last nite. Yap.So tired.Freaking tired. Going back Melaka- KL 4.30 pagi baru smpai.
Then siapkan final project until pagi.
Teruskan usaha ke kelas dengan gagahnye.
Then balik rumah.Lepak jap.Continue ke kampus to do Final project for Programming.
Damn damn crazy doing it.
Now baru lepak atas katil.Update belog.
Well,since i have not slept yet.
I have to update this belog because wanna tell a world I am SUPERWOMEN!
how great i am right?WELL.. Yes i mean it.*in serious face*

Oh dushhhhh!Stop it IKA a.k.a comey.
Yeahhh.im damn damn cute lorh.
LOH??? cause lack of slept,i almost become crazy. Now you are crazy IKA.
come on!Wake up..
*muke tersedar* "HELLO WORLD"oh shit!hahaha. Sorry for merepek.Actually sgt letih.
Sngat sangat ta
pi ade mood nak update.
Finally done for IMD presentation.
Bye world.bye peeps.
I love you sayang!

idk why my "NUR" always can see thru the pic.Seriously form ori pic.wink*haha.


mcd :)


Oh since these few day i have research about ice cream.Yummy!
Its for my assignment too.For graphic design.
My group have to design and create new branding.
We decided to do DUMMY YUMMY company.
Sound greats right?Its like Baskin Robbin.
But we use Tutti Fruity concept.
So tired when research about ice cream coz my appetite is very high on ice cream.
Last night,me and roomate have spent a large wall's ice cream in one night.
My god.Demn!
Today after classes our classmate decide to have mcd's ice cream.Yummy!

Sometimes it lasts in LOVE but sometimes its hurt instead
Demn.I miss you mr.cool <3

Outing with housie :)


Hello Sunday!Oh damn.Actually,Hello earlier monday.Yawww..
Just in mood when i wanna post some pic when i hangging out with housie.
Selalu keluar tapi kali ni macam rajin nak publish pic.
Lets pic tell a story today okay peeps..

This pic is for our project awarness in breast cancer.Please support it.

Thanks for abang handsome for snap this pic.Like retisss youwww!

Please look at the cutiest swift behind us even we all more hot than that car.haha
anyone wanna buy me swift?

Nur cahaya itu aku.Bukti orang beriman tidak perlu dengan kata.
Hanya gambar mencerminkan segalanya.Oh shit ayat.HAHA.

Okay guys.Goodnite and have a nice day.
Hope tomorrow have a new story :)



Monday that empty.No morning class.
No meals in this morning.I mean him :)
Always wait for monday will come but today was disappointing me.


Is how long i didn't see you
Mybe i hope you miss me as i do
love between us no hindered
even the end of the age I would love yourself
I'm just waiting for you, said you love me
I would love to love you, my love

When you comes in my life even in my dreams
I want to be with you forever
even until the end of life
maybe you do not understand the purpose of my heart is up t
o you
Now I would love yourself until the end of time

Love is not a beauty, if not it can be discharged
Love is not a certainty if no reply
Love a painful ,longing ,death and misery
That what love teach us.

p/s:IDK why my hearts just like exploding everytime i remember you.miss you like crazy :(

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