This women is me!

7:50 PM

One woman love you
That women love you wholeheartedly
She follows you around like a shadow everyday
That women cries as she laugh
Just how..How much more do i have to gaze at you alone
This love came just like a wind
This love is like a beggar
If i continue this way,will you LOVE me?
Just come a little nearer..a little more.
If i take one step closer to you,Then you take two steps back
I will love you is next to you even now
That woman cries.

That woman's personality is coward
So,she learn how to be brave
That woman's heart has many story that she can't tell even tell her bestfriend
Her heart is filled with scars,So that woman..
You..She loved you because you were the same way.
yet another fool,another fool..

Can't you look at me?

I want to be loved,baby..
Everyday in my heart,just in my heart.
I shout and ...
That women is next to him even today..

Do you know that women is me? You are not doing this to me even though you know it? You're probably don't know.Because you're FOOL!

*Its hurt to me continue this*
if i can.I will forget you.SERIOUSLY.

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